Monday, May 19, 2014

Steeler - Serenade

Steeler - Serenade

Intro: Em  EmMaj7  Em  A  C  D  Em

Em               EmMaj7                   Em                             A 
Daybreak, Heartache - I'm leaving you once more
C                               D                                        Em
A lonely smile across the miles is what I'm living for
Em               EmMaj7                   Em                             A
Swiftly through our finger, the sands of time will flow
C                  D                          Em
And much too soon I'll have to go

C                        D
But I'll sing to you again
C                            D
Across the midnight wind
C                   D                Em
Forever I will sing this serenade

C                     D
I'll sing to you again
C                             D
Across the midnight wind
C                     D                  Em
Forever I will sing this serenade

Em            EmMaj7                Em                         A
Together Forever - the shadow & the flame
C                            D                                     Em
Turn my head towards the sky and call your name
Em             EmMaj7                 Em                             A
Someday say you'll stay - my love is yours to hold
C                    D                    E
Destiny will let our dreams unfold


C           D          Em
Forever forever forever
C                D                   Em
Forever I will sing this serenade
C            D           Em
Forever forever forever

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