Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A.C.A.B - Fight For You Right

A.C.A.B  -  Fight For You Right

     G       Bm         c        D
G:---4--------4---------5--------7--------------------|(2x repeat)


 G          Bm
I'm really sad 'bout it

 C                 D
To see the stupid in your head

 G               Bm
You acting like a pussy

 C               D
Killing all the guts you got

 G             Bm
But you don't even fight

 C              D
When your enemy not satisfied

 G              Bm      
You think about disaster

 C                D
but all you do is cryin' all night


 Em       D     C       Bm  C 
Hey you where your guts

 D       Em                   D              C         Bm  C  D
See the people change if you keep on cryin' all night

 Em       D     C       Bm  C 
Hey you where your guts

 D      Em         D       C     C  Bm  A  G
Can't you fight for your right

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