Monday, July 22, 2013

Rainbow - Rainbow Eyes

Rainbow - Rainbow Eyes

Em          G            D             Am  
She's been gone since yesterday
C        D       Em
 Oh i didn't care
Em     G           D          Am  
Never cared for yesterdays
C            D        Em
Fancies in the air

C     D           G 
No sighs or mysteries
        Em       A   D-Dsus4-D
She lay golden in the sun
C    D          G
No broken harmonies
But I’ve lost my way
Am (stop)         Em G  D
She had rainbow eyes
Am     Em G C
Rainbow eyes
Am       D
Rainbow eyes

Em             G      D       Am 
Love should be a simple blend
C           D                   Em
A whispering on the shore
Em            G              D        Am
No clever words you can’t defend
C            D          Em
They lead to never more


[Same as Intro]
Em           G          D          Am 
Summer nights are colder now
C          D         Em
They’ve taken down the fair
Em                 G          D     Am 
All the lights have died somehow
 C        D         Em
Or were they ever there


  Am     Em G  C

Oooh, ooh

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