Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stratovarius - Celestial Dream

Stratovarius - Celestial Dream

Tune Down 1/2 step

E---0---  ---0---  ---1---  ---0---  ---3---  ---0---  ---0---  ---1---
B---0---  ---0---  ---1---  ---1---  ---3---  ---1---  ---1---  ---3---
G---0---  ---0---  ---2---  ---2---  ---4---  ---0---  ---0---  ---2---
D---2---  ---2---  ---3---  ---2---  ---5---  ---2---  ---2---  ---0---
A---2---  ---3---  ---3---  ---0---  ---5---  ---3---  ---2---  -------
E---0---  -------  -------  -------  ---3---  -------  -------  -------
    Em       C        F       Am        G        C        C(1)     Dm

Intro:   Em   |   C

Verse 1:

  Em                                                      C                Em
 Here in the universe, I find some things that are so hard to understand.
 The vastness of space just takes my breath away, I see___  through history.

 F                                                                 Am
    The years they come and go. The seconds that will shape my destiny.
 F                                                               G
    The time that we spend here. Is precious, that I see so clear.

 Em      |   C

Verse 2:

  Em                                                       C            Em
 What is our place in here? What is the meaning of the pain that we feel?
 Where did all this come from? The galaxies, the moon the stars, oh I don't know.

 F                                                    Am
    I really want to know what is the meaning of evolu_____tion.
 F                                             G
    They say that we are the crown of all creation.


    C                                     C(1)     Am
 So let’s break free from these chains.      Of fear, hate and greed.
     Dm                                        G
 And join together singing our celestial dream.

    C                  C(1)      Am
 Freedom is awaiting.      For those wo take the path less traveled.
     Dm                                            G
 And in the end we'll all sing our celestial dream.

 C    || end


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