Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rainbow - Ariel

Rainbow - Ariel


Am F# B Em

Em                                   C
I search for her in the dead of night

Em                             C     
A silhouette lit by candle light

Em                         F                Em
In a whispered word she is gone

Em                                C
Familiar stranger without a name

Em                                           C
In a darkened room they all look the same

Em                         F                     Em       F          Em
Like the sand of time she slips away, so far away
Em                                   C
In the mirror you can see her face

Em                                   C
An angel dressed in the blackest lace

Em                                  F              Em
A sip of wine and the game can begin

Em                                   C
Just an image lost in fantasy

Em                                   C
Then you touch her and you can't break free

Em                                  F              Em
Till you see your fate written there in her eyes

Am   F         Em
Oh…….       Ariel,

Am                         F                           C        
Lost in a distant dream, takes me home

|Em     C                |
|Em     C                |
|Em     F     Em      | 2x

Am   F   Em

Am                                 F                     C
I’m so lost, in a distant dream, take me home

Yeah! Now Ariel

Screamin’ out loud, yeah

What you’re gonna do, when you gotta do it, baby

Am   F         Em
Oh……..      Ariel,

Am                                 F                            C
I’m so lost, in a distant dream, take me home

Ariel!!! Yeah, yeah, now

F                  C                     G
Lost, I’m so lost, my Ariel!!!  Yeah, yeah

F                                              C
I’m so lost and all alone, so far from my home


Am      Em
Oh… Ariel… (Women back voice)


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