Friday, August 8, 2014

Iron Maiden - Journeyman

Iron Maiden - Journeyman

[Intro]: Am  . ... F  A

         F                                                      A
From the red sky of the east to the sunset in the west
        F                                                                    A 
We have cheated death and he has cheated us
    F                                                A
But that was just a dream and this is what it means
       F                                                            A
We are sleeping and we'll dream for evermore

        C                        D                        A       
And the fragment remains of our memories
        C                       D                           G    
And the shadows remain with our hands
                         C             D                      F                   G
Deep grey, came to mourn, all the colours of the dawn
                      C             D                   A    
Will this Journeyman’s day be his last?

  Dm                                    F
I know what I want and I say what I want
    C                                     Bb  C
And no one can take it awa-ay                                   3x

  Dm                      F
I know what I want and I say what I want
    C                   Bb  Bb  D  D
And no one can take it away - Aaah

F  A

       F                                                            A
But the memory still remains all the past years not so strange
       F                                                            A
Our winter times are like a silent shroud
       F                                                            A
And the heartbeat of the day drives the mist away
       F                                                            A
And winter's not the only dream around

        C                        D                        A
In your life you may choose desolation
        C                       D                           G
And the shadows you build with your hands
                         C             D                      F                   G
If you turn to the light that is burning in the night
                      C             D                   A
Then the Journeyman's day has begun


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