Thursday, September 19, 2013

Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark

Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark

Intro:  Dm  C  2x  
            Am  G  2x 
            Dm Bb C Bb C Dm Bb C  2x

Dm       Bb                             C                                                                  
I am a man who walks alone,
C                                   Bb      C      Dm
and when I'm walking a dark road
Bb                                                      C    Bb  C Dm
at night or strolling through the park

   Dm       Bb                           C                     
When the lights begin to change,
Bb                    C                    Dm                      
I sometimes feel a little strange
Bb                                         C
a little anxious when it's dark

            Bb    C                 Dm      C
Fear of the dark, Fear of the dark,
         Bb                                                F        C           Dm
I have a constant fear that something's always near
            Bb    C                 Dm      C
Fear of the dark, Fear of the dark,
         Bb                               F         C         Dm
I have a phobia that someone's always there

Dm   Bb   C   Dm 2x

Dm                                                            Bb
Have you run your fingers down the wall
Bb                                                         C
And have you felt your neck skin crawl
C                                                    Dm
When you're searching for the light

Dm                                                                    Bb
Sometimes when you're scared to take a look
Bb                                       C
At the corner of the room
C                                                                          Dm
You've sensed that something's watching you


Dm                        Bb                      C
Have you ever been alone at night
Dm                             C                 Dm
Thought you heard footsteps behind
Bb                                                        C
And turned around and no one's there?
Dm                       Bb                    C
And as you quicken up your pace
Dm                 C                  Dm
You find it hard to look again
Bb                                                             C
Because you're sure there's someone there


Dm   Bb   C   Dm 2x

Pre-Solo & Solo: Dm   Bb   C   Dm

Post-Solo: Dm Bb G C Dm C Dm C (Fear of the dark)

Dm   Bb   C   Dm 2x

Dm                        Bb                      C
Watching horror films the night before
Dm                 C                 Dm
Debating witches and folklore
Bb                                                        C
The unknown troubles on your mind
Dm                        Bb                      C
Maybe your mind is playing tricks
Dm                 C                 Dm
You sense, and suddenly eyes fix
Bb                                              C
On dancing shadows from behind

[Chorus] 3x

Dm Bb C Bb C Dm Bb C

Dm              Bb                      C
When I'm walking a dark road
Bb                            F            Dm
I am the man who walks alone   

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